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ABOUT  the Guitarist

Chris is oft referred to as the musical maestro in the Coronettes.

He biomechanically combines flamboyant hand gestures with devilish digit dexterity, adds a soupçon of chord sorcery and offers up the resulting heady cocktail to a wooden stringed instrument known only as "the guitar". The marriage of these finger-flailing hand contortions to the oscillating orchestra of guitar strings, contrives to create a quasi-chaotic noise. This noise is then transmorphed into a spongy form of diminished flavoured bubblegum jazz.

While the Coronettes are taking an extended break, Chris has turned his attentions to transforming the electric guitar into a full band (drums and all) and a new and unique musical entity called Galloping Cows has formed - the only guitar driven dance music band with a full dance music sound created on the strings of an electric guitar... in the known universe. To see and hear it is to believe it, so check it out here.

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If you're interested in this stuff, Chris plays Freshman and Dean acoustic guitars and uses Dunlop plectrums and Boss effects.

If not, he plays a guitar.

A short message from Chris:

Hello one and all,

It's been a fab five years filled with a gazillion gigs, lots of fun music, plenty of laughs and a fair old volume of vodka, but a conflict of head, heart and hands means the time has come for me to hang up the glad rags and exit stage left for some much needed rest.

Who knows what the future will bring. Maybe one day the crazy will recommence, but for now, I'd like to say a big thank you to Estelle, 'la verbaliste extraordinaire', and to everyone who has supported, helped, followed, stalked, liked, unliked, loved, hated, got, not got, leered, jeered, or cheered us. And an extra hug for everyone who bought us drinks.

Cheers me dears and have fun.


the Coronettes
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